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Professional Glass Repair Services in Wilmington, NC

Repair or replace broken glass quickly to ensure your home is protected from the elements. When you run into a broken window or glass door, our team will repair the broken glass in the existing window, saving you money on costly replacements. Window glass replacement is often the most cost-effective method of glass repair and can be done quickly so your window will keep your home protected. We use durable glass and professional tools to ensure a tight fit that lasts and keeps your home completely sealed. 

repair fogged or cracked glass easily

A fogged window doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire unit. Our team of experienced technicians will replace the fogged glass so you can enjoy a clear view out of your home or business. We’ll ensure that the glass is properly sealed and repair any leaks or gaps to keep your windows in top shape. If any glass in your home is cracked, our team will handle the repairs and replacements to get your property looking great again.

  • Replace broken glass in your home with the help of the Omega Glass team! We offer complete glass restoration services for windows and other types of glass installations in your home or business.
  • Get professional window glass replacement and glass repair services from the area’s most trusted repair team. For over 30 years, our team has provided home and business owners with complete glass repair services to keep their property looking great.
  • Fix broken glass around your home by replacing it with high-quality materials from Omega Glass with our professional glass repairs.
  • Get a free, in-home estimate on any glass repairs or glass replacements. We’ll provide a detailed, straightforward estimate that explains everything involved in the repair so you know exactly what to expect. 

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